dealing with reading slumps

h o l a !

I’ve been off school for almost a week now and I’m just really really grateful because I have more time to sleep and more time to waste in general. But honestly, I don’t wanna spend the entire time lying on my bed watching youtube videos or whatnots. I miss reading and I’d love to spend my spare time reading all the books I’ve listed for the past months because I know in just a week time, I’ll be back in school and wouldn’t have the time to read anymore.

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shout out to my ex

To my fave person for the past (almost) 4 years,

Hey!! It’s been a while since we last talked, kamusta? Do you still remember what day is today? Yep, I’m posting this on the 7th of january because it marks our supposed to be 4th year together. But things got a little crazy last year, so we need to break up for some personal reasons. It’s heartbreaking but that’s how life goes, some things are meant to stay and some are meant to end.

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new year, new me this 2019???

Happy new year, loves!! How is 2019 for you so far? Is it good or it started off bad? Well, my new year was fun like the usual, I spent it with my parents and ina (my grandma) but this time I welcomed it with a happier heart, I guess it’s because I wasn’t hiding anything to them (oops personal drama coming through) and I got to spend most of the time preparing with them.

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°˖✧ what a year it has been ✧˖°

2018 was the year I got my heart broken, entered college, I finally cut off toxic people/relationship, made new friends, got closer with my family, learned how to be more independent, got a chance to reconnect with my old friends and I loved myself a little more!

Yes, 2018 for me is a year of adjustments. It was one of the longest year for me, indeed one of the bumpiest so far. I’ve got a lot of high’s and low’s that made me a little stronger than how I used to be the same time last year.

January this year, I was welcomed by good news that I passed in ADMU, UST and DLSU!! That’s when I claimed 2018 will be my year. February, I celebrated valentine’s with a happy heart hihi and got a bit busy with my debut preparations. Last March, I celebrated my 18th birthday and went on a trip with my batchmates and got to appreciate them a bit more. In April, ya girl finally graduated with honors after 2 years of SHS!! AND got one of the happiest news this year, I got in the University of the Philippines AAAAAAAAA In May, my 3-year relationship ended ahu and also got my first job in our municipal hall in Las Pinas w0werz HAHA and also met new friends!!! In the same month, my elem friends and I got a chance to reunite after almost 6 years of not seeing each other!! In June, I met with one of my closest friend in elementary who migrated in Alaska GAHD I MISSED HER! In July, we’ve spent a lot of time condo hunting HAHA Also went out of town with 3 of my closest father side cousins YAAS! In August, I officially entered college and it was hella scary!! But it was easier to adjust with my college friends with me!! Also, got to watch ben & ben live!!!! Besides my blockmates and coursemates, I got a chance to meet new friends in my GE class, Kas 1, on September! And it was on the same month when I first cried because I didn’t get to sleep the whole night because of plates huhu It was October when I first tried going home alone YA GIRL WAS SCARED!! We attended and planned a halloween for the org, UP Design Core, we are applying for in November and also I got to watch my first CDC and basketball game and first UP play!! It was December when I felt anxious because of the stress from all the school works and some personal drama to the point that I got super distracted. Also, cried the second time because of all the pressure that I’ve been experiencing in the finals week ugh I hate myself for procrastinating and cramming all those plates!!!!!! But it was also this month when I reflected and saw how much I grew this year!! And of course, got to spend more time with my family!

This year was filled of silent battles and personal problems that I may have or have yet to conquer but also filled with a lot of good news and I couldn’t be more grateful. But I wouldn’t be able to get through this whole year alone and I am lucky to have such amazing people beside me. I love them so much!!

What a year it has been but I am so excited to see what’s waiting for me this 2019!! I am so ready for you!



The reason why I’ve been missing in action for a long time here is because I’ve spent most of my time watching shows lately. Thanks to my bestfriend for introducing me into this new addiction, watching anime.

I’ve known this anime, Assassination Classroom, for quite a while but I only gave it a try last week. The plot caught my attention the first time I heard about it but I wasn’t really into anime then but I am so intrigued so why not try and watch it, right?

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