GTKM 1 final

Hi again! I made a couple of photos that is all about me for an org in the University of the Philippines that I am applying to, which is Design Core, it is exclusive for Interior Design students and I’d love to be part of it.

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Sunday Currently vol. 1.png

Hey! How are you? I’m back. I’ve been off the game for weeks now because I just entered college and I took the time to adjust and to finish schoolworks. I know it’s not a Sunday but here’s a quick update of how I am currently. I promise to post regularly again!

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The reason why I’ve been missing in action for a long time here is because I’ve spent most of my time watching shows lately. Thanks to my bestfriend for introducing me into this new addiction, watching anime.

I’ve known this anime, Assassination Classroom, for quite a while but I only gave it a try last week. The plot caught my attention the first time I heard about it but I wasn’t really into anime then but I am so intrigued so why not try and watch it, right?

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Now that a lot of us are on youtube, we are widely influenced by the youtubers that we watch, from the make-up that they use, the food that they eat, the places they travel to, we all wanted a try.

It was wednesday and we’re in Manila running some errands when we decided to head to Taft with my bestfriend to try new food, recommended by two of my favorite vloggers from College of Saint Benilde, Ry Velasco and Allan Soriano.

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A lot of people say that high school is one of the best parts of your life and honestly, it was. Though I was expecting something more, hmm I guess more singing while standing on the cafeteria tables or perfectly choreographed dance in a basketball practice or just more singing in the hallways then finding Troy Bolton. Haha, high school was a little like that, well minus all the choreographed dance, the singing in random places and meeting Zac Efron Troy Bolton but more of just having fun.

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One word to describe the later part of 2017 for me is STRESSFUL. Besides all the stress that our school is giving us, the college entrance tests that we were expected to pass added up to all our pressure. And I am blessed to pass all the CETs that I took, the UPCAT, ACET, DCAT, USTET, MAPUACET and even the DOST-SEI Scholarship! I really wanted to write something about everything that I am feeling but I want to wait until the UPCAT results are out. So here you go, a lengthy post about how blessed and lucky I am!

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