Ever since I was a child, maybe 6 years old or 7, I started joining the annual santacruzan in our hometown in Indang, Cavite. But last last year, we agreed and promised to ourselves that it’s our last santacruzan because we felt like we were too old for that, and we wanted to enjoy watching the parade without the paltos we get from our heels walking around our town.


This was the year I enjoyed the most, because I was with my cousin, Karl (it was supposed to be my other cousin in my mom’s side which is 5 years younger than me, JR, but he ended up being partnered with someone his age) and my childhood friend (and I forgot her name, I’m sorry huhu) and we were just laughing out loud and talking to each other the whole time and I was wearing flats that’s why I did not get anyย paltos or whatsoever from walking.




I did not enjoy this parada because I was with this guy my mom wanted me to be partnered with but I do not know him at all!!! We were so awkward!!

Good thing, my cousins–haziel and karl–are behind us so I got to chitchat with them once in a while.



I actually don’t know where the other photos are but yeah, here’s the most embarrassing year ever!!! Look at my smile, ew!! And my bangs, wow!


Anyway, the reason why I blogged about this is because last saturday when we went to Cavite, I got an invitation to join the santacruzan once again and I am so torn whether to join or not because I kinda missed the feeling but I am shy because I felt too old for it and I don’t want anyย paltos or more awkward moments with a guy I do not know.

It’s a great memory to look back to, though.


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