North Bound


What do you expect from a sucker for art museums?

It was 2016, when announced that the entrance fee in the National Museum is free for the whole month of May, and since it’s summer and I wanted to wander, I decided to go and I went without my parents knowing (the struggle of being a south kid with strict parents haha!).

I dragged my bestfriend in keeping me company, haha! Before going in the museum we decided to visit our favorite park inside Luneta, where you can actually watch koi fishes swim and feed them which is really relaxing and entertaining to do. It actually has an entrance fee, 50 pesos, I guess?

Inside the museum, I got crazy over all the paintings hanging in the walls and end up with my jaws dropped and me taking a bunch of photos that I thought I could look back to. But the best part of this experience is that I got to see and witness the beauty that our countrymen created as a form of expression. Here’s a little peek from that day, May 6.


It’s fun to get lost, because getting lost means discovering something you haven’t been or seen before!


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