Happy birthday to my most awkward 17-year-old self! Yes, I celebrated my 17th last 9th of March.  It was a bittersweet celebration for me, truly, this is one of the most memorable birthday I’ve had.

In celebrating another year, I’ve spent most of the nights before my actual birthday in contemplating on what the past year has taught me, and I realized a lot of things.

Here are the 17 things I’ve learned at 17.

One: You dictate your move.
You have to think first before doing something, may it be towards other people or just you, but everything you do reflects to who you really are. You have to think first before doing something that you might not take back.

Two: It’s okay not be okay.
We are human with emotions that we may or may not control, and sometimes we tend to force ourselves to feel or act okay even though we are not, just because we don’t want other people to think that we are weak. But as time pass by, I learned that it is okay not to be okay, it is okay not to be happy sometimes because being true to your emotions is more important than what other people would think of you.

Three: Ready, fire and then aim.
Parallel to what Hannah Pangilinan said, sometimes, preparing so much is not the answer. We tend to prepare so much for something and then we end up not doing it. Maybe, we just need to do it.

Four: It takes time and hard work to get to the finish line. 
You need to be patient, you need to work hard to climb to get on top. It’s not as easy as sleeping and waking up in the finish line, because it is gained through hard work and perseverance.

Five: Dance and shake it off. 
When I am in my worst mood, I just turn on the music and dance it off until my feet hurts. Sometimes, you just have to let it out and don’t let it consume you.

Six:  Things wont always turn out according to plan or the way you want it to be.
Sometimes, you just need to accept it.

Seven: Learn to appreciate the things you have. 
You just have to appreciate what you have because maybe what you are looking for is right next to you or maybe when you start appreciating what you have, you may actually feel happier.

Eight: Believe in yourself.
I doubt myself so much, that it comes to the point that I don’t trust my abilities, I always feel not good enough. But eventually, I learned how to. And it is one of the most important thing I learned because it is hard not to trust yourself.

Nine: Don’t take people for granted.
You’ll just learn how important someone is when they’re gone.

Ten: Stay strong.
You win some, you lose some. Still, you need to have to keep your chill and a mindset to push through it all. Giving up is not in your options.

Eleven: Some people are not meant to stay. 
As much as we want them to, they have to go. People come and go, and sometimes we can’t stop it. Even the ones closest to you may walk out of your life the next day. Be that as it may, they come to our lives to teach us something. And maybe all that we need to do is to thank them for the memories.

Twelve: Love yourself.
At the end of the day, all you have is yourself. Learn to love yourself first before anyone else.

Thirteen: Invest in friendships.
Even though you’re strong, you still need someone to lean on to and someone to talk to besides your family. It will benefit you so much in the long run. Especially for me, I don’t have siblings to be with, but I have friends who serves as the siblings that I never had.

Fourteen: Family is my strength.
Our family is our foundation, they’re there to pick you up when you’re on your lowest points in life. I am nowhere if not because of my family’s love, and support and I feel bad because it took me years to finally appreciate what my family has done for me, especially my parents. And I couldn’t be more thankful to have them.

Fifteen: People will let you down. 
They will and it’s inevitable. But whatever their opinions are doesn’t matter as long as you’re not doing anything wrong. Don’t get yourself affected, what’s more important is you’re doing the things that makes you happy.

Sixteen: Let go and let God. 
You just have to let go and let God do His thing. In some situations we have to keep in mind that it is beyond our control, and we just need to rely on our faith and it can eventually make us feel stronger.

Yes, none because I still don’t know. I am just 17 and I still have a long way to go, a lot of obstacles to surpass and I still have a lot to learn may it be in a good way or in a bad way. But nonetheless, we should cherish every moment before it became a memory or a lesson.

Happy birthday, self!


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