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My birthday was a month ago already, but I got a bit busy over school works that I didn’t have time to do anything but to study (as if!!). But yeah, so last March 9, 2017, I celebrated my 17th!!!

It got a bit complicated because my friends and I had a misunderstanding the night before my birthday. But anyway, everything’s settled before so, so my birthday wasn’t entirely ruined.

At school, I was surprised with a breakfast from Mcdo and a bracelet that was prepared by Eli and Mitzi, sweet! Everything’s a bit normal. But when it’s the time for us to be dismissed, I was tricked by Hannah Lim, she doesn’t looked like she was acting! ย She was so genuine. Because she was the one who talked to me and accompanied me to Shakey’s where everyone is waiting.ย I am surprised to see them, it took me an hour to sink everything in. Literally #shookt.

We ate a bunch of food, care of my mom, like salad, pizza, chick en, and pasta!


I hate how low quality the photos are ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ย but what’s more important is how much fun we had!

Thank you for all the efforts and love! I am so blessed to have them in my life!