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It was the 19th of February, yes it’s a sunday, when we decided to host a little surprise gathering because it’s my cousin’s 18th birthday last feb 15.

We actually went to Trece and the ‘oldies’ย went to the market and bought stuffs for the surprise party, while ate Oleen and I stayed at my cousin’s, haziel’s house.

The surprise, itself, was a fail because ate Unique (the debutante) found out when we’re decorating the dining room but it was still a great day, thanks to the fam! I enjoyed talking to the oldies that I certainly do not remember and who’s constantly telling me how much I grew.

Also, I have a test the next day but who cares, it’s just right to pick family over acads.

Low quality photos, but we had fun anyway.ย 16809666_1727381723957860_1824898053_n16831334_1198269886947771_1017591023_n16838018_1198269856947774_371229570_n