Jenny Han’s Summer Trilogy

summer.pngLast week, I was trying to get back to reading and so I decided to try and find good books to read, YA books in particular. Don’t judge, but I am the 1% of readers who actually prefer ebooks than paperback. I don’t know, but whenever I read in paperbacks, I cannot finish a whole book.

But anyway, I stumble upon Jenny Han again, also the author of the To all the  boys I’ve loved before trilogy and then I saw this trilogy, I tried to read it and it did not fail me.

5821978The Summer I turned Pretty

My Rating: ★★★★ (4/5)

Summary: It was all about Isabel, Belly for the Beck’s boys, who measures her life in summers. Fall and winters are just months to count before summer, before her life begins again. She spent all her summers in the beach house, with Susannah, the Fisher men and her mom. Conrad, and Jeremiah has been the only guy in her life since the first summer, but that one summer, when everything changes, when everything ends up to how it should be, came.

Review: When I was reading The Summer I turned Pretty I wished I was there, to witness the bonfire, to celebrate the 4th of July and watch the fireworks light up the whole shore. It was idealistic, just how I like it.

The novel is written in Belly’s point of view, wherein the book alternates from the present summer to the past summer as if Belly’s reminiscing it while trying to point things out until it make sense. Belly could be a little childish but we still end up rooting for her in the end.

I was more fond of Conrad compared to Jeremiah even though he is moody and secretive, while Jere is someone who everyone loves to be with. Still, I will and will always  root for Conrad, he has this kind of appeal that I do not understand  but it is irresistible, I may say.
It’s not summer without youits-not-summer-without-you-9781416995562_hr

My Rating: ★★★★ (4.3/5)

Summary: That year, everything was different, everything changed. Before, Belly counted the days ’til summer, but then, she didn’t want summer to come. That, after Susannah got sick again and after Conrad stopped caring, after Beck’s death. Everything fell apart all of a sudden, but its all up to Belly, to make things right as much as she can, she knows it, she needs to get them three on that summer house once again, at the Cousins Beach.

Review: It made me feel different sort of feelings all at once. I pulled an all nighter just to finish this book, it was that good! I cried at some points especially when it’s about Beck, when it’s about her death.

I fell in love with Conrad even though he’s being a little irrational at times.

 We’ll Always Have Summer41Dtt2N5bxL._OU01_AC_UL320_SR212,320_

My Rating: ★★★★ (4/5)

Summary: After being in a relationship with Jeremiah for 2 years, Belly decided that he’s the one she’s going to marry. But his first love, Conrad, kind of messed it up. Because Conrad hasn’t gotten over her. Jeremiah on the other hand knows how Belly is the girl for Conrad.

Belly needs to confront her feelings for the Fishermen and she needs to choose, it’s either Jeremiah or Conrad. She will need to break one heart, who’ll she choose to break and who will she choose to complete?

Review: I hated Conrad in this book and loved him at the same time. He has that charm in me, of loving him while he’s being an as*hole. But it was justified the reason that made him do it. I hated Jere for cheating on Belly, and Belly for accepting him still and even said yes to him after doing such thing.

I love how things went in the summer house for  Conrad and Belly. I love how vulnerable Conrad can get just to admit how much he loves Belly. Also, I love the ending a lot!


In summary, I am in love with this trilogy!! It made me feel a lot of things at the same time that even I cannot decipher. I totally recommend this book especially to those who are a little hopeless romantics and who loves stories that includes romantic scenes and love in general! It is a must read!


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