If money wasn’t an issue, what would you be doing right now?

photo not mine, got it from pinterest 🙂

I’ve been watching a bunch of vlogs lately and one of my favorite youtubers asked this question, although I forgot who she/he is but this made an impact to me, especially now that I am in my Grade 11 wherein I need to make one of the ultimate mega super important decision of my life, that could have great effect on my future, that I should be thinking about this now.

Well, if money wasn’t an issue, I would’ve been filling up SoFA admission forms, not that it’s too expensive or something but because I know my parents wanted me to be an engineer. Yes, I want to be a fashion designer, but there are certain things that keeps me from taking the course I want. Like how hard it is to get into the fashion industry especially if you don’t have a name to begin with and connections. Also, it costs a lot because fashion students need to pay for fabrics, the printing and all the other miscellaneous expenses for fashion shows or different projects but its not really a main problem to address. And it is a responsibility, indeed. It is not just all about fashion shows, beautiful dresses but it is all about deadlines, tons of sketches, fabrics, patterns, sewing, draping and it is stressful, it is fast paced as well. Also, like what I’ve mentioned earlier, my parents wanted me to be an engineer and not a fashion designer or whatnots.

But through months of thinking about it, I decided not to pursue fashion YET. My plan is to continue my engineering dream when I was in grade 10, yes, I once wanted to be an engineer and my parents’ because I don’t want to disappoint them in anyway. And after graduating college and getting a job, i am going to study fashion and I’m going to pay for my own bills.

I just hope everything will go to plan, *fingers crossed*!!

How about you, if money wasn’t an issue, what would you be doing right now?


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