Christmas Party 2016


fa la la la la la la

Yes, this is a super duper late post but whatever! HAHA

Everyone is eager to welcome Christmas. And every student is, well I guess, excited whenever their christmas party is arriving soon not just because it is Christmas but because it means vacation, FINALLY! A break from the deadly school works that the teachers and professors ought to give the students all at the same time, though of course, we still have to do some school works but this time, it’s okay to pretend that we don’t have deadlines right after the break! haha

Last December 21, is our christmas party. It is not extravagant or anything more than the usual party that everyone experienced, but it is fun and special all because of these people hehe.


Before the party, with the girl friends!!


Heisenberg girls and boys with our heisendad, of course!


These two was once my favorite people, but through the months since we last talked, of course, we met a whole bunch of people and ended up having new people we wanted to spend time with, we grew apart since then. Though, they have their moments together, I’m the one who drift apart, I guess. But they’ll always have a special spot in my heart! And  I still love them!!


Bye ugh, I am the most inactive person in there hahaha but nonetheless, they’re a bunch of people whose differences made them stick to each other more and made their relationship stronger than how it used to be.  (oh, how fast time flies! I miss them!)

Even though we have different group of friends, through the years, we still managed to regain our friendship, like how it used to be back in grade 9!

Someone who stayed through it all.

“Heisenberg, eyy!”

Will surely miss all of them, now that the school year already ended and with no certainty that we’ll still be classmates, but nonetheless, we will always be heisenberg!

After party!!
We tried buku-buku kafe in SM Southmall! Really wanted to try this cafe ever since, even before the construction of the cafe’s done haha! It definitely will not fail anyone, though I did not like the garlic parmesan chicken wings, too much parmesan is gross. But I love the hazelnut affogato so much!!


Also, the gifts made my day. The gifts are a constant reminder of the most precious thing that I got every christmas, friends and family!

It’s fun to look back at these special moments with the people closest to our hearts, indeed.


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