Tagaytay 2016


Joyeux Noel! 

Our family usually spend and celebrate Christmas in Balagbag, Indang, Cavite, our home town, and my father side extended family always have an annual reunion every eve of the 25th. But last year, we’re doing it differently, it was held last Christmas eve and it’s our first time to have a real noche buena. Yes, we don’t usually do noche buenas like what other people do in celebration of christmas, actually almost everyone in our homw town is not used to it, is it just us?

December 24, we decided to go to Cavite at around 8 or 9, and I’m really sleepy because my mom woke me up at around 6 or something, so I ended up sleeping almost the whole trip.

And on our way to Trece and Balagbag, a jeepney driver told us that our tire’s flat, so we decided to park on a vacant space where food bazaars are held, though they’re a bunch of closed stalls because it’s almost christmas. My dad was the one who replaced the tires to only found out that the extra tire’s also flat, so he went to the nearest vulcanizing shop which is a block away. And it took us an hour before we went on.

We arrived in Trece by 2 pm, and ate lunch before going to tagaytay.

So, yeah, nothing new with the steep villages, haha!

Jason was already waiting for us to get there to welcome us and all, he is the caretaker of the villa we’re renting. And then after an hour or so, when our other fam members were coming, he went back because he thought we were just 6 people, we all thought there’s something wrong but he’s just worried that we’re not comfy like how it should be if there are just only 6 people haha, how caring naman this guy haha, find a guy who cares like Jason haha!

We were busy fixing the decors for the event later that night when our other family members arrived. I, together with the cousins my age, decided to scare our other cousin, ate Unique. We hid in the closet and tried our best not to laugh after she sang a  really high note, wow singerrr. But then, it was a fail because it was Tita Dhelle who found us.

After a while (by “while” I mean almost 4-5 hrs), the reunion started yay! There were a lot of different individual and team games, also there’s the family feud, mothers vs children haha! Well, the children won! After, we did photo shoot and all other stuff haha!

We ate noche buena, first real one! Of course the guys have their inuman sessions, the oldies our mothers went to their room to rest as early as possible, because it’s almost 2.


Us, teens, went to our room but decided to change and put our pjs on, and play uno. We finished at around 4 or 5 when Oleen, Unique, Haziel and I decided to exchange gifts, oleen gave us hats of the patch we wanted, Unique gave us perfumes, Haziel gave us artwork shirts and papemelroti notebooks, while I gave them accessories from forever 21, I love our gifts! Then we doze off at around 5:30.

The next day, we woke up at around 8. The children were off to balagbag already because they’re going to their ninong and ninang’s place to mamasko. I, together with unique and haziel, went to stroll down the village only to discover a beautiful sight of green trees, bridge, etc. We took photos of ourselves even in our pjs.


After we got back, we took a bath and got ready immediately because we were supposed to leave the villa at around 12 noon, but we tried to ask Jason (oh jason), if we can extend a couple of hours because the drivers were stuck in traffic (which is half a lie). While waiting, we went for a walk and took a bunch of photos.


las bellas chicas, hehe 


After walking around the village, we went back to the villa, to kill time we tried playing a bunch of game, including uno and bingo (mind you, diy bingo)!


because our moms are wearing uno colored shirts! HAHA


Stranded, dun dun dun

The drivers arrived at around 6 or 7, they spent their christmas on the road!!! We went home, convoy and such, but we almost got lost! Wow, so much for 2 days HAHAHAHA

Basically, that’s how we spent our christmas last year, mhmm, being stuck in a gorgeous villa with no signal and wi-fi but with Jason (oh Jason) haha! Nonetheless, last christmas has been one of the eventful one and one of the most epic christmas I’ve had.


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