Style Peg: Kryz Uy


Lately, I spent most of my time scrolling and reading posts from one blog to another, yes, almost the whole summer break. And I am clearly obsessed with blogs, especially those who are about fashion, lifestyle and of course travel. In fact, it was one of the reasons why I wanted to start a blog, I was inspired by most Filipino bloggers like the blogger besties, ViVid, etcetera. Of course, I have my favorites but one of the first blogs I followed was the Thirstythought by Kryz Uy. 


Kryz Uy may possess a face of an angel but more than that, she have the prowess of a style icon. More than reading her blog, I also purchased her book ‘Behind the blog’ where I got to know her a little bit better than just reading all her blog posts and that is where I found out that we got a lot in common!


Krystle Gail Uy hails from Cebu and grew up with a strict Chinese family, and while growing up she had phases that could be mistaken as a different person compared to who she is now, not that her feet are off the ground but in terms of style, mannerisms and gestures. The sisiw before grew up to be an elegant goose.

(And I was also a ‘Gail’, it was my nickname and you know it, I got extra kilig the moment I found that out!!!)


She’s part of the blogger besties which consists of Nicole Andersson, Laureen Uy, Camille Co, Patricia Prieto, Lissa Kahayon and Sean Go. They’re a group of bloggers who became friends through different events and found how much the click as besties.


It started with ‘the trio‘, Laureen Uy, Camille Co and of course, Kryz Uy. I admire their friendship, and how it started in Cebu that felt like they’re meant to be blogger friends then.


Besides the blogger besties, I also admire her friendship with her elementary best friend and now cousin-in-law (!!!), Gillian Uang. I low-key wanted to have someone to grow and explore the world with.




And, of course her relationship with her boyfriend, Slater. I love how they can be real with each other and not pretend to be someone they are not. My ultimate ship, PAREEENTS!!


Reading her book, Behind the Blog, I learned how she started her blog, from a project that she turned out to love and pursue until she became a full-time blogger. And once aspired to be like those blogs bookmarked on her browser.

Looking through her old posts, I saw how she grew through the years since 2009. That is one of my inspirations as I start this blog, that great things starts from humble and little beginnings.


But, I wasn’t just inspired by her life and her other relationships, with the growth of her blog but also by her sense of style through the years!



The 2009 Kryz Uy is still a nene (haha!), the white sleeveless top layered with denim vest and a blue flannel peplum skirt proves it!



The 20 year-old Kryz loves a denim button-down shirt, tiered skirt partnered with a long black socks in her heeled oxfords which surprisingly looks a bit good than what I expected, haha!



An all gray outfit from the beanie, the long-sleeved top, the draped skirt to her gray peep toe heels and accessorized by a gray nerdy glasses and a blue beaded necklace is all stylish!



The thing I’ve noticed on Kryz Uy’s style back in November 2012 is that she loved wearing skirts, this look is mainly consist of an orange blazer on top of a gray tank top and a printed skirt partnered with nude pumps with black accents.



Kryz wore this outfit in the airport and an event, she made it airport friendly and simple but still stylish and she did great on putting up this look with the cute cropped top paired with a mustard-ish trousers, a hat and an ankle strap heels.



This look, the blue printed top and a solid blue maxi skirt with the blue flats, is perfect for summer!



A tip for petite girls from Kryz is to wear this lengthening and flattering outfit: loose on loose and the vertical stripes on your pants.



 In love with this ‘tourist’ look, from the turtle neck loose long sleeves and white jeans plus, of course, the February bag!



I got these photos from her post last February 2017 where she gave us a variety of looks using ballet flats and she’s slaying every look! What a beaut!!

Well, these are just a glimpse of how beautiful of a person Kryz Uy is. Know more about her on her own blog, Thirstythought and her instagram account, @kryzzzie !!


To sum everything up, Kryz is more than her angelic beauty. She got the style that any teen girls, or woman admires, every outfit suits her in any way. That, maybe, is the reason why she became one of my style peg,  I constantly visit her blog or her instagram to check on her outfits or photos because they’re so well put up and looks gorgeous! Especially when it’s simple yet chic and of course her no-make-up-make-up look!!

I just adore her, not just her style but she herself! 

How about you, who are your style pegs?


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