Happy Mother’s Day!


To my strength, my rock and my Mother,

It has been 17 years since you gave me the most beautiful you gift I’ve ever received, the gift of life, but 9 months before that, even when you haven’t seen me, you took care of me, and loved me unconditionally. But come to think of it, I’ve never said and expressed how grateful I am for being your daughter, for being blessed by a mother like you. I was never a showy daughter, and I hate myself for that. I hate myself for not saying ‘Thank you’ enough, whenever I needed to. I hate myself for not saying ‘I love you’ enough, whenever I wanted to. I hate myself for not letting you know everyday how special you are to me. It frustrates me more whenever I think about the tons of words that I could put up but none of it came out of my mouth for the past 17 years, because I am a coward, I do not want you to think that I am a kid, that I am dependent, that I am a mommy’s girl eventhough I am. And that made me think if I am worthy to be your daughter, am I??

Mommy, I am sorry for never letting you know that I am grateful to have you — to be your daughter, to be blessed by a mother like you–for all the disappoinments I’ve given you, for taking you for granted most of the time, and for every time you have to message me at night just to remind me of what is right to do and what’s not but thank you for that as well. I am grateful for all your wise words and advices that I will always keep in mind, for taking care of me, for accepting me for who I am and for loving me in every possible way. I promise to love you until my last breath, to take care of you just like how you take care of me everyday since I was a fetus, to spoil you with everything you want after I finish college. I promise to stay by your side no matter what. You are and will always be my Mommy, my strength, my constant, my rock, my bestfriend and my Mother. And I will always be your little Gail. I love you always and in everyway, Mommy! Happy Mother’s Day!


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