Balagbag Night Stroll

IMG_20170514_091806.jpgLast week, May 13, we went to Balagbag to visit my grandparent’s house (my mom side) because we’re renovating some parts of our old house. On the way there, we bought a bunch of pineapples and taho, which I miss. 

It was around 7 AM when we arrived, and I was still sleepy because I woke up really early so I slept until 12:30. Then, my mom and I went to my aunt’s house to get our nails done, yas! Plus, a cheaper price and a non-stop talk! 


I was bored mainly because I don’t have anyone to talk to after, so I decided to visit my other grandparent’s house (my dad side) and hang out with my cousins, Karl, Kenneth and Unique. Though, Unique and I spent most of the time together, we ate halo-halo and played basketball at their half court and that is when I realized how I suck at shooting!!! After our basketball shooting game, Tita Dhelle asked us to come with her and Tito Lito in a birthday party.


Then, Unique, Karl and I went for a walk around Balagbag, like always!! It was 6 pm already and we hung out in the kubo which is known in Balagbag to be a tamabyan or a place where people could hang out or chill especially groups of boys. We were in a middle of a really interesting topic when three boys were supposed to come to the kubo but because of us, they stayed in a distance and just looked at us, as if we’re stealing there hang out place, haha sorry. It was kind of creepy at first. So we left and pretended that we’ll buy food and we’re hungry because the atmosphere is getting weird.


Anyway, we found a new hang out place where we could talk peacefully about our future plans and stare at the stars. The night sky is so clear in Balagbag, maybe because there’s not much light not like here in Manila.  So we were able to see and witness how beautiful the sky is, clearly. It made me think of a lot of things and reflect.


It’s nice to just stare at the night sky while walking, feeling the fresh breeze and having a good conversation. It’s a breath of fresh air, indeed. Literally and figuratively. 


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