Family Summer Getaway ’17


Summer wouldn’t be complete without a family getaway! Last April 22, we had a summer outing with my titas and titos aswell as my cousins (father side) in the Pampangueno Inn Resort and Spa in Trece Martirez, Cavite. We rented the resort the whole day, its amenities are a kiddie and an “infinity” pool, plus a Jacuzzi, where the oldies could stay and relax while we’re playing and swimming. Also, a half basketball court and billiards where we could play when we’re not in the mood to swim. And there’s a room where we can stay i when we’re too tired and wanted to rest for a while.

18119547_229743184174999_2056088123736682063_n (1)

At first, we stayed in the kiddie pool while to oldies are preparing the breakfast because it’s too early and clearly we haven’t eaten anything yet. They prepared shabu shabu and puto for us to share. Also, while we’re waiting for the others to come.


When we decided to go to the “infinity” pool, we were terrified by its depth, because it’s 3 to 7 feet, and since I don’t know how to swim, I’m really afraid to explore the farthest part so I told my cousin, Karl, that we should just practice swimming back and forth on the 3-feet-part of the pool, at least. But then, he told me to go to the 7 feet to just see how deep it is, we’re actually holding on to the sides of the pool on the way there haha! Well, that’s the only thing I could do on a 7 feet pool rather than drowning hahaha!

18056935_229754977507153_535829155650256241_n18057213_229752697507381_3057482900193940072_n18057681_229752840840700_7103322583323821207_n18157113_229754757507175_3169528456722336412_nI’m not drowning, haha! I just wanted to check how deep it really is HAHA

Then, we did a little boodle fight yay! ‘Cause we’re really really hungry!!


After eating we decided to play pool because the sunlight is too harsh, we don’t want to get extra tan. Well, honestly we don’t know anything about it but at least we tried HAHA After, the oldies invited us to join them in the Jacuzzi, then ate mais con yelo and enjoyed the pool again!!

18010185_229760597506591_2539177501644043903_n18118772_229760334173284_603865330798887886_n18119054_229760384173279_8711687017716488282_n17991948_229760550839929_3101954759568691658_n18157380_229762064173111_7714358732308810797_n18157811_229744650841519_5935058460488619954_n18118799_229785874170730_2306729059429411053_nlook at this cutie!


Well, that’s the gist of what we did in our family summer getaway this year!





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