I’ve always wanted to visit intramuros because of its beauty and its historical value. Finally, it has been checked off my list! 

It is my first time exploring the walled city last May. I was excited for our tour that I forgot to read beforehand. Though I know a bunch of things about it. Intramuros is the historic core of Manila, it is a latin word which literally means “within the walls”. Everything inside the walls is Manila, everything outside is considered a province.

We didn’t had the chance to actually explore outisde Fort Santiago because we took a grab all the way there and we had no time to check out the Casa Manila nor take a calesa. But it was still as fun, and there will always be a next time. I would love to come back tho!

Let’s get wasted and hook up!

Well, that is all for our mini trip inaide Fort Santiago. Looking forward to visit it the second time!!


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