School Supplies Haul 2017

I know this blog post is a bit late, a month late haha!! But it’s better late than never. So here’s a glimpse of some of my school supplies haul for this academic year. 

I haven’t really bought a lot of things because I still have a bunch of school supplies from last year. And since I am in grade 12, I don’t really have that much things to bring or things that I need at school as much as the things I needed back in junior high school.

I actually bought a rim of bond papers but I was too lazy to get it upstairs so here’s a pack of A4 and graphing paper for our Physics and Entrepreneurship subjects, also a pad of yellow paper for school activities. I also bought another pad of ‘Stuffs to do on Filipino Time’ from “Quote ang Quote”.

I bought highlighters!! The Stabilo Swing Cool highlighters in yellow, pink and blue are my old highlighters from last year, while I bought the six pastel stabilo highlighters this year. I really wanted those highlighters since last year, but apparently, it wasn’t available on nearby national bookstores until last month. So I was really happy to finally get these highlighters on hand!!

My Cattleya binder is from last year, because we weren’t allowed to use fillers until grade 11. I don’t want to buy a new one since I could still use my last year’s so what I just bought are fillers. I also bought a pair of protractors for our Physics class, as well as a new ruler.

I bought an Oxford notebook in pink for my reviewer, and a Victoria Journal in silver just for my journal hehe! My Sharp calculator is definitely old, I’ve bought it when I was still in grade 7. Also, an Elmer’s glue stick because it’s a must! My scissors are given by my friend in grade 10.

I bought the pastel pink clearbook last year as well, while I bought the clipboard last month, though I haven’t really used it for its purpose haha! I bought it because it’s cute!!

Well, it’s not much. This is all that I bought and will use for this academic year! Hope it could help 🙂


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