After 6 years of tears, laughter and sweat, I could finally say that I am a graduate of Las Pinas City National Science High School. It was a tough ride, but it was all worth it the moment we all switched our tassels last April 6.

Carrying the name of our school for 6 years wasn’t easy. ‘Ay taga-science high school, matalino yan!’ (Oh a science high school student, she should be smart!) that statement was a common connotation to us that brought us both pride and pressure.

Of course, it feels good to hear those comments thinking that all our efforts are not put to waste and are being appreciated by the people around us because it is true, it has been a tough 6 years considering all the projects that we should finish at a small amount of time, all the tests that we should ace and the presentations that we are expected to do well. We sacrificed not just our sleep but our time with our families as well because we spent our days inside our rooms trying to study or finish the schoolwork due the next day. Weekends felt like weekdays, we spent more time at school than in our own home. And yes, with all the sacrifices, the hardships that we’ve been through, the stress that we felt and the tears that we shed, it feels good to hear that people appreciates us and our efforts with their remarks.

But hearing that also puts a lot of pressure on us, people think highly of us and we’re pressured to meet their expectations. We are pressured to be as good as how people perceived us to be, we were molded by those expectations not to be good but the best. But that pressure wasn’t all bad, if not because of that we are not pushed to our limits and just stayed in our comfort zones the whole time. It helped us bring out the best in us.


You know what, LPSci wasn’t just about grades. Everybody thinks it is, but the truth is, it’s not. LPSci did not just taught us trivial biology facts, formulas to memorize but also we learned how to grow and how it felt to have a family even without blood relation.


Before I end this, I just want to thank my support system–my family, friends, batchmates, teachers and God who made this stay bearable and worth it.

To my parents who never left my side and who always believe in me and my capabilities, thank you for being super supportive not just emotionally but financially as well. If not for them, these are all worthless.

To my relatives who are nothing but supportive, thank you.

To my friends who stood by me through ups and downs of our ride despite the academic pressure, thank you. You’ll forever have a special place in my heart. Love you, guys!!

To my batchmates who undergone the same pressure, the same difficulties, thank you because you were there to experience those with me making it less difficult.

To our teachers who became our second parents in school, thank you because you molded us to become who we are now and for imparting knowledge not just about school but about life as well.

And of course, to Him who never left my side and who gave me strength and wisdom. All these are for You.


A chapter of my life has ended but it just means that I am a few steps away in achieving my dreams. I am scared but I know I’ll face this with strength, responsibility and with all the things LPSci has taught me. True enough, the tassel was worth all the hassle!

Thank you for the six wonderful years, LPSci. Mahal kita.Ā Ā 



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