One word to describe the later part of 2017 for me is STRESSFUL. Besides all the stress that our school is giving us, the college entrance tests that we were expected to pass added up to all our pressure. And I am blessed to pass all the CETs that I took, the UPCAT, ACET, DCAT, USTET, MAPUACET and even the DOST-SEI Scholarship! I really wanted to write something about everything that I am feeling but I want to wait until the UPCAT results are out. So here you go, a lengthy post about how blessed and lucky I am!



I took the MAPUACET last October 28 and I was actually worried while we’re on our way to Intramuros because I barely revised for the test. I’ve been hearing rumors about how easy the test is so I got a bit confident that it is going to be easy peasy but oh I was wrong. I find it a bit hard since the last time I studied was before the UPCAT which is a week ago already. The math part was the most challenging part, and I can’t remember most of the formula!! That’s why, after taking the exam I am very much assured that I failed the CET.

Come December 2017 when MAPUA released the results of their CET, I was so nervous that I’ll fail but I expected it anyway. I was super worried that I wouldn’t pass because when we took the test, I barely know anything. But to my surprise, I passed! I was actually considering it because they’re considered as one of the best schools for engineering here in the Philippines.




Ateneo de Manila University has been my dream school ever since elementary and I was disappointed to know that they don’t have civil engineering in their list of courses. I was heart broken. But they do have a list of engineering courses, if you’re curious. I accepted the fact that I wouldn’t ever have the chance to study in my dream school but I just wanted to pass the test, that is what I am thinking that time. But laziness got into me that time and I wasn’t able to study anything. I was just depending on my stock knowledge, that’s it. After the examination, my mom was talking to another parent and her son told her that the test was quite easy. That’s when I was so disappointed because I could’ve done better, only if I revised. Well, I tried to accept that Ateneo isn’t just really for me.

It was january 5 when we were all stunned by the news that they are releasing the list of qualifiers that night in their gymnasium. I even watched a live video on facebook from when the truck went in with the board consisting the results until when they’re about to be opened but sadly, the live was disconnected. I was nervously loading my twitter feed and my facebook because I really wanted to know if I got in, even though I am already expecting that I didn’t. Then, I saw photos of the list and I was nervously scanning for my name, praying that I passed, but unfortunately I wasn’t there. That time, I was crying my eyes out. It’s my dream school after all. But then, I checked it again and saw that it was an old photo, that it’s a year ago already. I was laughing at myself while crying, I look like a complete idiot haha! Then, my friend congratulated me and sent me a photo of the list and my name is there!! I was crying again but this time, of happiness. I was jumping, I was really happy that time. I got in my dream school!!!! Ahhh, my heart was so happy that time. Just the thought of passing in my dream school is a big big achievement for me.

Ateneo de Manila University will always be my TOTGA.




It was last October when I took the DLSUCET and I was a bit confident about it because I spent days preparing and studying for it, I learned my lesson the hard way haha! I felt good while answering the test because I feel like I know most of it, well except for the statistics part haha I barely know a thing!

A day or days after Ateneo released the results, La Salle posted theirs and even though I am a bit more confident, I still felt nervous. You couldn’t blame me tho, but good thing, I did pass!! I was so happy that time, why wouldn’t I right? It is my second choice. My fall back if I didn’t pass the UPCAT. I already reserved my slot, gave most of my original documents and paid 10,000 for the reservation fee, but oh well, God has His own way.




A lot of people told us that USTET was one of the easiest CET that we’re going to take from the 4 big universities, and it is true. I woke up early for it to be disappointed that I’ll wait for an hour and a half tops before taking the test and I hate waiting. I even finish a chapter of a novel I am reading. But I can say that I enjoyed taking the examination because I feel like I can answer almost everything. And the test was fast, besides the waiting. Also, I was nervous that time, because my second choice is Architecture and I thought that I’d be sketching their building like what the previous batch did but thank goodness I didn’t, I wasn’t ready. Good thing only those under fine arts have the drawing test.

It was Jan 28 when the results came up and even though I felt super confident about how I answered, I still felt nervous because who knows, right? But I didn’t fail myself, thank God! I passed, yay! I was considering going to UST because they offer such a good curriculum in Civil Engineering and have good partner companies as well.




Who wouldn’t want to pass the UPCAT, right? I admit, UP isn’t my dream school and I never imagined that I’ll go to UPD because I know I can’t but I still tried to take the text, there’re nothing wrong with trying. I reviewed for the test for dayssss, I was nervous the whole time. I arrived in UPM 30 minutes early to be welcomed with a super long line, I waited for almost 10 mins only to find out that I wan’t supposed to be there. The whole process was a bit stressful, there wasn’t enough people to assist and signages that could’ve helped us figuring out where we should be lining up. But besides that, the testing went smoothly. While I was taking the exam, I was so sleepy that I tend to finish the test faster than those around me because I want to sleep for a minute just so I can answer the next parts properly. But I never had the chance to, so I just lost my hope that I’ll pass HAHA

But God is so good at surprises, I passed!!! I got a bit emotional because wow, I am proud of myself!! I really can’t contain my happiness that time, I mean, I got in UP Diliman for real??? Honestly, until now, I still can’t imagine. Waiting for the results for weeks are so worth it. Ahhh, I am just really happy!!!! And yes, I am going to be an Iska this August, good luck to me!!

To all grade 12 students, good luck on your CETs!!!

P.S. I really wanted to post tips but this post will be too lengthy.



3 thoughts on “I PASSED MY CETs???

  1. this is a really nice blog post. when you mentioned that Ateneo was your dream school though they dont have the course you wanted to take, I felt the same thing. this will inspire more students going for their course and college overall. Good luck!


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