A lot of people say that high school is one of the best parts of your life and honestly, it was. Though I was expecting something more, hmm I guess more singing while standing on the cafeteria tables or perfectly choreographed dance in a basketball practice or just more singing in the hallways then finding Troy Bolton. Haha, high school was a little like that, well minus all the choreographed dance, the singing in random places and meeting Zac Efron Troy Bolton but more of just having fun.

High school in a nutshell: stressful but fun. 

I admit, I was culture shocked the first year. Everything feels different. Though yes, I still have my gradeschool friends with me that I can count on but all the stress and the amount of work that we should finish in a small amount of time made me cry countless of nights. And not just because of that, I felt like my life at some point revolved around school and it’s suffocating. Mind you, I am not that grade-conscious unlike some. I am okay with just a passing grade, but to get that, you must do this and that.

On the later years of my junior highschool, I learned how to loosen up more. Don’t get me wrong, I do go out with my friends on our first years. But on the last year of our junior high, I got used to everything. I learned how to manage my time properly, finishing all my tasks but still have time to read books or watch tv and unexpectedly it was when I performed well in class. I got my motivation from my friends, well I also wanted to prove my old friend wrong and that I can do well in class, especially in math.

Senior high school was our rest from the four years of hell. Our class hours was decreased from 10 hours + practices and group works to 7-5 hours, our workloads were lessened as well. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or not but at least we had fun. Early dismissal means extra time to go out with friends and sleep, finally, 8 hrs of sleep after 4 years!!

Basically, that’s how our high school went. No singing and dancing, well except for PE classes, no standing on cafeteria tables but just lying on our tables and sleeping while waiting for the next class. It was more of writing paperwork, researches, practicing speech choirs, brainstorming about the activity tasks and lab works. But behind all the stresses, it was fun because of the people I am with.

Knowing that I am undergoing the same pressure with my batchmates made it all bearable. Reading the rants on twitter made me feel less lonely and feel motivated that I can do it, that we can all do it. And I am proud of each one of us for graduating with honors, and some with high honors! Not just that, our batch has taken home a bunch of awards, medals from different competitions here in the Philippines and even abroad. And I couldn’t be more proud!!!

Before, we all had our own definitions of Las Pinas Science Highschool (the name of our alma mater back then). To me, LPSci is for the smart, an institution for those who are inclined in the fields mathematics and science. I got in expecting the pressure and stress, our training ground for college.

Now, when I think of LPSci,  I don’t see it as an institution but a home to the people who were part of my journey, I remember all the things I’ve learned in the past 6 years and carry with me bits and pieces of  everyone from our batch , teachers, and even our school staff. I’ll always look back smiling. And as we separate ways, I hope we wouldn’t forget everything that LPSci has taught us, especially what it aims to teach us– a bright mind is nothing without a humble heart. 

It wasn’t like high school musical because it was more than that. 



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