shout out to my ex

To my fave person for the past (almost) 4 years,

Hey!! It’s been a while since we last talked, kamusta? Do you still remember what day is today? Yep, I’m posting this on the 7th of january because it marks our supposed to be 4th year together. But things got a little crazy last year, so we need to break up for some personal reasons. It’s heartbreaking but that’s how life goes, some things are meant to stay and some are meant to end.

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new year, new me this 2019???

Happy new year, loves!! How is 2019 for you so far? Is it good or it started off bad? Well, my new year was fun like the usual, I spent it with my parents and ina (my grandma) but this time I welcomed it with a happier heart, I guess it’s because I wasn’t hiding anything to them (oops personal drama coming through) and I got to spend most of the time preparing with them.

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A lot of people say that high school is one of the best parts of your life and honestly, it was. Though I was expecting something more, hmm I guess more singing while standing on the cafeteria tables or perfectly choreographed dance in a basketball practice or just more singing in the hallways then finding Troy Bolton. Haha, high school was a little like that, well minus all the choreographed dance, the singing in random places and meeting Zac Efron Troy Bolton but more of just having fun.

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